Embrace Nightfall, Dark Summer is Here - Your Wicked Style Guide

Embrace Nightfall, Dark Summer is Here - Your Wicked Style Guide for 2019
Neon WidowMaker OverWatch

What is your soul expressing this summer and fall season?

How do you want others to feel in you presence?

Our world is changing. Weather systems, and cultural spectrums around the globe, are transforming ever so slightly in some places, and drastically in others. So are people, the way that they live, where they live… how they live - why they live.

This is giving rise to a mysterious heat where it was once cold, and an enveloping darkness where there was once light. There is a little uncertainty being woven into everything we do. But at the same time, the anticipation, the build up towards that explosive twilight… is reaching a trembling peak.

The world is experiencing a *Dark Summer*. Where the temptations of tomorrow are becoming the realities of right now. Everyone will have access to this heat, everyone will have access to this darkness. It’s what we do with it that will determine how we feel towards one another, how we feel towards ourselves...

Explore some of the looks in our collections in order to navigate this hot and heavy night fall, embracing us all. You will want to be absolutely sure you are leaving a powerful impression with your onlookers and admirers. The way that you are taken in, by the tender eyes of others, can be no less than devastatingly wicked.

Because the night is steamy, dark, and full of passionate trepidation.

Shock and Awe Like You Are A Monster

Looking to actually move the crowd, right out of your way? This first look is only a suggestion for those with the heart to bear it. You have to be really careful now... because your onlookers are going to be paying very attention to you very carefully.

You will, without question be drawing eyes with the epic shades found in the Hype Monster collection, and a wicked watch from the wares in the Shock collection.


Check out Toodles - Tom's Mistress in the 'Hype Monster' collection.


You will be taking attention by force.


Enlighten others with your sophisticated, but frightening intellect in the Elevated Intelligence.

Keep It cool, but confident, and always winning with our Chill Medium collection.





- The Founder 






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