Dragon Bracelets

The Meaning of Dragon Bracelets

If you’re looking for an arm adornment that is a little bit more bold than your standard bracelet, you can opt for a stunning dragon bracelet from Wicked Tender. This type of dragon jewelry is usually made of gold or silver metal and features a dragon head on one of the ends. The dragon head can also be placed on the band of the bracelet. Bracelets with dragons on them are worn by both women and men. These pieces are quite large and are often heavier than your average wrist ware. 

Bracelets with dragons are usually associated with wealth, power and success. They are a sign that the wearer is someone with big goals and lofty ambitions, and someone who wields a lot of power, while protecting others. Those who embrace the symbol of the dragon through their dragon bracelet, are said to be on the path to success in their own personal lives. Find the perfect dragon bracelet in our dragon bracelet collection.

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