What Makes Amethyst Jewelry So Unique?

What Makes Amethyst Jewelry So Unique?

The most renowned purple gem in the world is Amethyst. Over the past 2000 years, this purple quartz has been a super popular choice for jewelry due to its impeccable quality and unique beauty.

Interesting Facts About Amethyst Gemstones

Amethyst's colour can range from a light violet to a dark purple, as seen in the polished crystal balls made of amethyst above. The colours can even range within the same stone. It is interesting to note that Amethyst becomes yellow if it is heated above 400 to 500 degrees Celsius. It turns out that the majority of yellow quartz is actually Amethyst that has been heat treated.

Origin of Amethyst

The origins of the Amethyst is a fascinating story. Amethyst, according to Greek mythology, was a young girl who was destined to become a jewel. When the Greek God Dionysus drank too much red wine, he belligerently lusted after Amethyst.

Goddess Diana responded to Amethyst's cries for help by transforming her into white quartz instead. Dionysus wept into his wine when he discovered what had happened to Amethyst. The wine flowed from the goblet onto the white quartz stone, turning it a deep purple, giving the gemstone its renowned colour today. See this dark purple amethyst bracelet shown above.

Amethyst as a Birthstone

February's birthstone, the Amethyst, is prized for its breathtaking beauty. Amethyst jewelry is popular because it embodies the qualities of fire, love, creativity, and spirituality, all of which are conducive to maintaining one's composure and sobriety. 

To keep their loved ones safe from alcoholism, smoking, intoxication, overindulgence, and evil ideas and tendencies, families would protect themselves by gifting and adorning Amethyst, like in these gorgeous amethyst chunk rings above.

Benefits of Amethyst

With its ability to enhance concentration, focus, and success, amethyst jewelry aids in the integration of new ideas and thoughts. As a natural sleep aid, it is often used to treat insomnia, depression, and other forms of anxiety. 

Among the many benefits attributed to amethyst jewelry include the ability to help people cope with financial and material loss, heal broken relationships, and treat disorders of the hair, bone, and teeth. The chunky amethyst bracelet shown above is a powerful reminder to stay focussed on personal healing.

Celebrity Appearances with Amethyst

For generations, the Swedish Royal Family's jewelry collection has included Amethyst. When Josephine de Beauharnais married the Duchess of Leuchtenberg in 1806, she gave her a royal suite of Amethyst as a wedding gift. 

The enormous purple Amethyst necklace was turned, by Queen Silvia, into a stunning Amethyst tiara. When Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark tied the knot in 2004, she donned the Napoleonic Amethyst Parure Tiara as her wedding ring. Amethysts rings are extremely popular, especially during the spring and summer seasons.

Amethyst in History

Amethyst has long been revered for its healing and decorative powers. The dazzling stone is always the centre of attention. 

● The Romans held to the notion that drinking wine from a cup adorned with amethysts would help them to stay sober. The Amethyst's mystical power was symbolized by these beautiful drinking utensils.

● Russia also used a lot of amethyst jewelry to adorn its royal jewels and crowns. The purple stone was a favourite of Catherine the Great, who insisted on using it in all of her personal belongings.

● In the United Kingdom, the colour purple was commonly used as a symbol of riches, power, and royal authority. Even the crowns of members of the royal family were decorated with amethyst jewels.

● There are a variety of amethyst-based amulets and jewelry manufactured in ancient Egypt. Researchers found that amulets were worn both as a kind of superstition and as a means of protection in the afterlife.

Characteristics of this Unique Gemstone

A mild lilac to a deep purple can be seen in an amethyst gemstone. Stones with a darker coloration are more valuable than those with lighter hues. Most valuable are the deep purple "Siberian" amethysts.

On the hunt for some amethyst jewelry? The irregular amethyst gemstone bracelet is an absolutely incredible gift that you can give to your loved ones to protect and keep safe.

In addition to the stone's basic colour, pay attention to the streaks of colour it produces. This colour ranges from a deep red to a bright blue. Rarely does an amethyst display a uniform hue. Those with the fewest colour zones are considered to be the priciest.
The clarity of an amethyst can vary from opaque to translucent. 

Amethysts are type 2 gems. Thus, it's rare to come across a lot of inclusions. Generally, these inclusions are too small to be noticed with the naked eye. The value of a stone might be lowered by inclusions that are different in colour from the stone.

● It's possible to carve the Amethyst into a variety of trendy forms. All of these cuts, as well as the square and rectangular ones, are commonly used in amethyst jewelry. This amethyst pillar point necklace is a perfect example.

● When a stone is cut, its appearance is influenced by its shape. Marquise cut amethysts, for example, appear to be significantly larger than their actual carat weight. It is also possible to carve or cut freeform shapes out of amethysts.

● Carat weight isn't the most significant factor in this gem, unlike most other gemstones. Amethyst crystals in enormous sizes are not significantly more expensive than those in smaller sizes. As a result, huge amethyst gemstones are frequently chosen for use in eye-catching jewelry designs.

Amethyst as an Antidote to Heal

In the 16th century, Amethyst was thought to be the perfect remedy for anything from drinking to nightmares. Mary Queen of Scots actually wore amethyst to combat her natural predisposition toward melancholy.

The Cheapside Hoard has a handful of light amethysts that are among the finest in the world. Rosé de France is the common name given to these pale-colored rectangular tablets with plain shapes. When fashioned as finger rings in simple gold mounts plated with solid white enamel, early 17th century examples like these have a magnificent "monumental" look.

Meditation with Amethyst

Calming and inducing subtle awareness can be achieved by using this purple crystal. Practicing in this frame of mind produces a tremendous sense of contentment. In our own personal auras, gratification and gratitude are extremely difficult feelings to cultivate. 

When used in meditation, Amethyst helps open the third eye and the crown chakras. It improves imagery and has the potential to hasten the meditative process. 

The Sixth Wedding Anniversary Gemstone

Wedding anniversaries are traditionally commemorated with special gifts and decorations with a deeper symbolic value. Amethysts are a popular choice for gemstones in the sixth year of marriage as they bring a sense of serenity to the couple.

Where To Find Amethyst Jewelry Online?

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