Can Gemstones Really Work? The Truth About Crystals

Can Gemstones Really Work? The Truth About Crystals on Wicked Tender

Gemstone crystals, which are extremely rare and powerful, are worn by many as a protection against evil. Their therapeutic and healing powers safeguard us from the harmful effects of the planet. As a result, they're thought to improve our overall well-being by enhancing our body's spiritual capacity. 

Gemstones have been shown in studies to energize patients with life-threatening illnesses, allowing them to recover. Unless you actively engage with the stone's energy, they won't work. Neither luck, love, nor money can come from them. In other words, they can help you raise your own vibrations, activate your own "software," open your heart and mind to new possibilities, attract love, and improve your life in general. Crystal gemstone are meant to motivate your energy.

When you use gems, you're able to tap into your own resources, even if you've never used them before or were unaware of their existence.

How Do You Use Gemstones? 

In order to connect with yourself, to search inside and find that part of you that knows how to love and receive, to protect and fight, to find inspiration and concentrate, to heal and create in a way that offers joy and richness to your life, gemstones act as powerful catalysts.

Gemstones help you reawaken and re-establish contact with the part of your energy that propels you forward in the direction you desire.

The majority of astrologers and astrology enthusiasts who wish to purchase astrological gemstones, whether online or in person, are uncertain as to whether or not the gemstone will have any effect on their lives. Is it true that they work? Yes - this is the case 90% of the time. 

Color therapy and the intrinsic energies of gemstones are two of the ways that gemstones work. Gemstone colours are linked to the planets they represent. Because Saturn is blue, it is associated to the blue sapphire; Mercury green; Jupiter yellow; Mars red; and the Moon white; these are all examples of astrological planets and the associated colours.

A rainbow of seven hues, and two invisible rays, can be seen when the sun is in the sky. The energy system's cosmic matrix is composed of these nine hues. 

Energy from corresponding planets are transmitted through gemstones and their analogs, allowing for a certain sort of energy to flow through the body. This energy aids in healing the human body, mind, and balancing the karmic map.

The Way Gemstones Work

To help humankind, gemstones absorb and process strong cosmic energy from celestial bodies.

In order to benefit from the divine abilities of gemstones, you must wear them in their natural state, which means that you must wear only natural, untreated gems. Unfortunately, synthetic gem vendors have perfected the technique of making phony or pseudo stones that look just like real stones. It's important that the gemstones you wear are 100% natural.

Crystal Healing Through Gemstones 

Although healers disagree on which crystals have which capabilities, in crystal therapy, different properties are given to various stones. Some people say that amethyst is good for the intestines, while others feel that green aventurine is great for the heart and yellow topaz is good for the mind. 

Colors from red to violet are linked to seven chakra points on the body, which correspond to the seven primary chakras.

As part of a crystal healing session, a crystal healer may place various stones or crystals on your body that are aligned with these chakra points, which can be found in multiple parts of your body. The patient's symptoms may influence the choice of stones and their placement. 

Chakra theory, which is widely disregarded by Western medicine practitioners, has a significant impact on the healer's understanding and belief in the chakras' role in sickness and energy imbalances.

There are numerous uses for crystals. Some, such as rose quartz, can be used to create a loving ambiance in your house. 

In addition to being able to be worn as necklaces or other pieces of jewelry, crystals come in a various colours, ranging from green to black to pink. It's not uncommon to find a range of calming stones that may be held in your hands as you meditate or practice deep breathing.

Reasons Why Some Gemstones Might Not Work

A Poor Astrological Forecast

To recommend a gemstone, an individual should be assessed in terms of the planets in the sky as a whole. Using only the birth star (Nakshatra) or Dasha lord, or even the Janma Rashi to make recommendations, may be insufficient and lead to serious problems.

Low Quality Stones

Gemstones that have been treated or that have flaws can be harmful. In most circumstances, wearing such a gem leads to failure and undesirable outcomes.

If you're going to buy a gemstone, be sure it's 100% natural and that it comes from a reputable source, whether you buy it online or in a store in person.

Wrong Combination of Gemstones

Astrologers should avoid combining gemstones based on personal preferences, even if the individual's astrological needs necessitate it. The combined power of two or three gemstones might do more harm than good.


Due to a lack of time, money, or a legitimate source, some people continue delaying their astrological gemstone treatment because of their unfavourable karmic life maps. The person, not the gem, has failed in this instance.


There are situations when the correct gemstone and advice are in hand, and still, the proper application is not made. Make sure you don't take the gemstone off too often, don't let others wear it, and don't put too much pressure on your gemstone if you choose to wear one. Recharge it frequently, and give a thorough cleaning every once and while.

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