What Makes Gemstones So Valuable?

What Makes Gemstones So Valuable?

You've probably wondered what makes a gem so valuable. Find out how much gems are worth with this handy guide.

All kinds of gemstones, from diamonds and rubies to amethyst and rose quartz, are excellent gifts, collector's items, or accessories, and gemstone jewelry is no exception. Check out Wicked Tender’s bejewel gemstone accessories collection filled with beauties like the tree of life rose quartz 7 chakra gemstone pendant bracelet and other affordable gemstone accessories.

But if you're thinking about buying and selling gemstones, here are a few factors to keep in mind aside from their cut, colour, and clarity.

1. Longevity: Tenacity is a gemstone's most valuable asset. Durability is more than just a matter of hardness. Despite the fact that diamonds are one of the hardest jewels, they are not always one of the most resistant. There is no fracturing in rubies and sapphires, hence they can be considered more durable than diamonds.

2. Appreciation: The value of various gemstones is also heavily influenced by current fashion and design trends. Throughout the last decade or two, high-end jewelry styles have experienced a resurgence of colour and creativity, with stones like turquoise, lapis, and coral making a reappearance. awe-inspiring appearance

3. Rarity: It's thrilling to be the sole owner of a rare jewel. Tanzanite, a vivid blue version of the mineral zoisite and found exclusively in Tanzania, and alexandrite, the colour-changing stone discovered in Russia, are among the rarest jewels.

4. Beauty: Beauty is very subjective; what one person thinks is beautiful may not be what another person deems to be beautiful. Finding the ideal gemstone for your needs is all about determining what beauty means to you.

Examples of Valuable Gemstones in History


Astonishing and rare, Alexandrite is one of the world's most beautiful jewels. Under daylight, it appears green and blue, whereas in incandescent light, it appears red and purple.

The Ural Mountains in Russia were the site of the first known discovery of alexandrite in April of 1834. The fact that it was discovered around the same time as Tsar Alexander II's 18th birthday led to its naming.

Fine Russian alexandrite is extremely difficult to come across, and when it is, it is usually discovered in an older estate piece. Alexandrite was discovered in Minas Gerais, Brazil, for the first time in 1987.

When it comes to establishing an Alexandrite's value, the more dramatic the colour change is, the more valuable the stone will be. For those who appreciate fine jewelry, Alexandrite is a must-have. Even more valuable is the story it tells, which links Russia's highlands to the rainforests of Brazil.


The British Crown Jewels are home to some of the world's most renowned and precious diamonds. Imperial State Crown's "Black Prince Ruby," a 170-carat red ruby, is among the most well-known jewels. Everyone who has seen this magnificent gem can attest to the fact that it has a crimson hue that appears to resemble fire.

The Black Prince Ruby, on the other hand, isn't even a ruby!

The red spinel is of excellent quality. It's not uncommon for red spinel to be mistaken for ruby due to its similar colour and location of mining. Spinel comes in a wide range of colours, but the most sought-after are those that are red or blue.

For red spinel, Burma's city of Mogok is the most well-known historical locale. The price of spinel, despite its resemblance to ruby, is significantly lower.

Precious Gemstones

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are all considered precious gemstones since they were discovered in the past and can only be found in specific locations of the world.

In Myanmar, for example, rubies were discovered as far back as 600AD (modern-day Burma). All of them are semi-transparent as roughs, giving them a visual appeal that appealed to the kings and emperors of the time.

For the largest and finest jewels, wars were waged and ships traveled across the oceans. If you consider the amount of time and effort it would take to recover just one gemstone, you can see why these precious stones are out of reach for the average person. They were coveted because of their uniqueness.

Use of amethyst as an ornament can be traced back as 2000 BCE. For a long time, amethysts were regarded as valuable as rubies because of their gem-quality.

Since then, Brazil has been giving the globe a steady supply of this purple quartz, which was discovered in South America. Amethyst is a semi-precious gemstone because of the number of huge amethysts available today. Commercial jewelry for everyday wear frequently features them. You can find beautiful amethyst jewelry in Wicked Tender’s gemstone accessories collection.

Collector’s Stones

In the monetary sense, even though the quantity of a gemstone is limited, it does not automatically make it "precious."

Rarely can just one person's knowledge of a gemstone be enough to create demand for it. It's impossible to establish a true value in this scenario because there is no market, no regular transactions, and hence no true reference point.

Grandidierite is an excellent example of this type of mineral.

Due to its scarcity, faceted and transparent grandidierite weighs less than 1 carat after shaping. Despite its rarity, this stone's supply is so limited that it can't reasonably drive desire and appetite for it.

Collectors and aficionados may consider the same gemstone to be exceedingly 'precious', whereas the general public may consider it less than semi-precious.

If we're talking about natural gemstones that don't exist in large enough quantities to be useful to a larger market, but are nevertheless outstanding instances of excellent quality, we often use the term "collector's stones."

Remember: Type is Subordinate to Quality

Gemstone prices are an easy way to measure a gemstone's value to the general population. While the type of a gemstone does play a role in its market value, the quality of a gemstone is more important than its species; for example, a mediocre ruby does not always cost as much as an excellent red spinel.

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