What Are The 7 Precious Stones? What About Semi-Precious Gemstones?

What Are The 7 Precious Stones? What About Semi-Precious Gemstones?

Gemstones have been categorized in a variety of ways during the course of human history. The big four gemstones — diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires — have long been recognized as the most valuable precious stones on the planet.

1. Diamonds 

As a symbol of eternal love, diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement and wedding bands. Fancy yellow diamonds have a colour rating of z-light yellow on the diamond colour scale. Diamonds with fancy yellow hues are very rare and usually cost more than your typical diamonds without colour. They've become a symbol of originality, due to their scarcity.

An array of shapes as well as sizes can be found in the four Cs of this gemstone: cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight.

2. Sapphire

Sapphires are available in an extensive range of hues and shapes. The royal family's engagement ring has a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire. Kate Middleton presently wears it while Lady Diana Spencer originally wore it.

Many people swear by the soothing effects of Ceylon sapphire to relieve stress and calm the mind. This definitely sounds useful if you are living a royal lifestyle!

3. Emerald

The calming qualities of emeralds are also well-known. Choosing this gemstone as an engagement ring is a strong statement of love and commitment.

The emerald was previously thought to be a reproductive aid for couples. This gemstone is a sign of optimism and regeneration.

4. Ruby

As a way of honouring their birthstone, many people born in July wear rubies as a piece of jewelry. Aside from that, it's thought to provide both good fortune and safety.

Pure red rubies with a tinge of blue are the most sought after. Given its reputation for stirring feelings of ardor and devotion, the ruby is sometimes used as a token of undying love.

5. Pearl

When it comes to pearls, "Mollusc" is the only gemstone that can be found in a living organism. The gemstone is described as bluish-gray to white. In Vedic Astrology, the stone plays an important role, and it also appeases the moon in the birth chart of the person wearing it. 

Symbolizing loyalty, generosity, integrity, and purity, a pearl gemstone ring may tell a lot about someone's character. Couples tend to wear this gemstone on a ring as their wedding band.

6. Alexandrite

During the daytime, Alexandrite is referred to as "emerald," whereas at night, it is known as "ruby." As a result, the stone is able to absorb only a small portion of the spectrum's yellow light while allowing large swaths of blue, green, and red light to pass through it.

The Ural Mountains located in Russia are where the stone was first discovered in the early 1830s, according to legend. In addition, further alexandrite mines can be found in Sri Lanka and East Africa.

Alexandrite is more expensive than ruby since it is a rare gemstone because there are only a few worldwide deposits of it. It can cost as much as a diamond at times. High-quality Alexandrite can cost as much as $15,000 for a single carat.

7. Jadeite (Jade)

Jadeite is the Jade family's purest, rarest, and most vibrant gemstone. Though it comes in a comprehensive range of colour, including red, yellow, and black, the stone is most frequently found in green.

The most sought-after hue of semi-transparent emerald green in the world is called "Imperial Jade." In Chinese culture, jadeite is particularly valued as a symbol of status and wealth.

Semi-Precious Jewelry Stones 

Semi-precious stones are valued for a variety of reasons. Jewelry made of semi-precious stones is intended to be worn on a daily basis. For example this beautiful polished bead amethyst bracelet below.

Semi-precious stones are those that are not classified as one of the four precious gems. Amethyst, citrine, garnet, and aquamarine are some of the most common gemstones.

Identifying High-Quality Gemstone Jewelry Can Be Difficult

Even the most beautiful gemstones are rough and ugly when they are unearthed. In order to determine the gemstone's cut type, the stone is cut into a variety of square facets with regular spacing around the gem in a method known as the "checkerboard cut” and it is ensured that there are no imperfections. In addition to this, the weight or carat weight of the gemstone is also determined. 

Is the Value of Rare Gems Higher?

Each and every one of nature's precious stones is a one-of-a-kind. There is a very small percentage of mined material that is suitable for cutting gems. But there are some minerals that form more frequently than others due to their unique requirements or the presence of elements that are infrequently found on Earth. 

Even if uncommon gems may be considered to be more valuable, this does not necessarily mean that they are. A gem's worth is directly related to the amount of demand it receives from the public. There is no market for some rare diamonds since they are so unknown.

When it comes to gems, you're talking about anything that's been cut, polished, and then shaped into an ornament or piece of jewelry. As a result of their value differences at the time, these jewels were categorized into two groups: precious and semi-precious. 

Currently, the value of a gemstone is not the only criterion on which specialists evaluate it, therefore, categorization gems isn’t a perfect science. It's important to examine factors like quality, uniqueness, and lineage.

Precious and Semi-Precious Stones 

Semi-precious refers to all other gemstones that aren't one of those four. In terms of gemstones, Alexandrite, agate, amethyst, and garnet are among the most frequent, as are lapis lazuli and moonstone. Other gemstones include pearls and spinel.

The distinction between precious and semi-precious gemstones isn't as important as the quality of the stone itself. In the sense that they are special if they give you significance and value in a piece of jewelry, all gemstones are precious. Consider the fact that colours are subjective and jewelry is evocative before making a purchase. If you feel that a gemstone of a particular cut or colour is important to you, then it would most likely not only make you look good, but feel good as well. The amethyst cluster ring above is a perfect example.

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