Top 10 Unique Women’s Rimless Sunglasses Trending for Summer 2021

Top 10 Unique Women’s Rimless Sunglasses Trending for Summer 2021

How many times have you seen a pair of sunglasses and said, “Dayum! Where did she get those?!” No other question can better describe these ten magnificent pairs of unique women’s sunnies.

Curated specifically for the more eclectic and free spirited amongst us, these are top ten very cool rimless sunglass designs that you will have a hard time finding anywhere else.

Let’s start from the top!


Top 10 Unique Rimless Sunglasses for Women 2021

#10) Ingot - Women’s Unique Medium Frame Rimless Bar-Shaped Rectangle Fashion Sunglasses, Clear Gradient Neon Coloured Lens

Summer fashion trends come and go every year. But simple and minimal sunglasses designs will always been in good taste, no matter your outfit. These sunglasses go with everything. Grab a few sets of Ingot rimless rectangle fashion sunglasses with clear neon gradient lens for yourself and friends. They look razor sharp and give off an intellectual impression that can’t be ignored. Get yours Ingot sunglasses in a bejewelled option for that bonus punchy sparkle.

#9) Shockwave - Women’s Unique Large Frame Wave-Shaped Rimless Fashion Sunglasses, Clear Gradient Neon Coloured Lens

We are taking it up a notch with Shockwave. Actually we just might be taking this to the notch 1 as this pair of sunnies are made for the loudest festivals, biggest parties, and possibly the best social media sunglasses you can wear. Your onlookers will not be mixing up your personality with this accessory. Shock and awe, Queen, shock and awe!

#8) Monsploder - Unique Rimless Medium Frame Monster Explosion-Shaped Fashion Sunglasses, Clear Gradient Neon Coloured Lens

It takes a monster to stop a monster. Monsploder can be worn by both men and women. Well, it can be worn by anyone with an explosive enough personality to handle them. These sunglasses share a faint resemblance to cat-eye frames, but only if you count the flare seeping out of the wearer’s eyes. This is a great pair for those looking to make a devastatingly impressionable entrance, and is not bound by the paltry trends of men. If you are looking for Snap Chat or Tok Tok sunglasses, go no further.

#7) King Crab - Unique Medium Frame Rimless Crab Claw-Shaped Fashion Sunglasses, Clear Gradient Neon Coloured Lens

Where are the Cancer horoscopes at!? We have your summer sunglasses right here! The King Crab clear gradient neon coloured sunglasses mean business. Not unlike the temperament of an actual crab, you will be giving off the impression that your feelings are not to be messed with. You will also, however, be giving off the feeling that once you let someone into your trusting shell, your loyalty and care will be suffocating. Those who cross your path, better know what’s good for them.

#6) Eclipse - Unique Large Frame Rimless Sun and Moon-Shaped Fashion Sunglasses, Clear Gradient Warm Coloured Lens

These are very fun frames. Either for the effervescent moon child, or the ravishing child of the sun, the Eclipse large frame rimless sun and moon-shaped fashion sunglasses are in style for 2021. Just like a regular eclipse, your onlookers will want nothing more than to catch a glimpse of you. But will ultimately have a hard time keeping you in their gaze. No matter how bad they want to sneak a peek, please try not to hurt anyone!

#5) High Arrow - Women’s Unique Large Frame Rimless Triangle Fashion Shield Visor Sunglasses, Single Massive Clear Gradient Neon Coloured Lens

A high fashion calling, this oversized sunglasses frame employs a single massive triangular lens. A perfect pair to show off your more eclectic outfits. High Arrow is another penultimate pair of sunglasses for Instagram, Tik Tok, and Snapchat. Your followers will be wondering about what other summer fashion trends you have in store after catching you in this.

#4) Papillon - Women's Unique Large Frame Rimless Butterfly Wing-Shaped Fashion Sunglasses, Clear Gradient Warm Coloured Lens

Papillion means butterfly in French. And much like the magnificent beauty of the insect, Papillion accentuates the gentler and more serene elements of your nature. If you are looking to bring a calming atmosphere to your immediate environment, get a pair of Papillion butterfly wing-shaped sunglasses. The warm colours and gradients stay true to nature. And your company will be more than happy to have you around because of it. One can always consider themselves lucky when a butter lands in the vicinity.

#3) High Leaf - Women’s Unique Medium Frame Rimless Maple Leaf -Shaped Fashion Sunglasses, Clear Gradient Neon Coloured Lens

The maple leaf is a powerful symbol. Aside from the love it gets from people born in Canada, and Toronto’s NHL hockey team, the maple leaf holds a lot of meaning. Notions of honour, and tolerance are symbolized in it’s shape, and can be expressly worn through the High Leaf rimless maple leaf-shaped sunglasses. Putting these on lets others know that you are proud, but you are also understanding. You come off as confident, without being cocky. Smooth, without being slick. That’s the sweet spot.

#2) Aperture - Women’s Unique Small Frame Rimless Punk Fashion Sunglasses, Clear Gradient Neon Coloured Lens with Middle Slit Opening

Grab your camera quickly! These sunglasses were made for super engaged posts on social media. Tik Tok and snapchat feeds will be reeling when they see you in your Aperture small frame rimless punk fashion sunglasses. The design is dramatic and will not disappoint. Rimless rectangle sunnies are super popular, but adding the middle slit opening to lens just gives the Aperture sunglasses an additional edge. This is a super trendy pair of sunglasses for women looking to lock in their summer fashion trends with a pair of sunglasses that go with *everything*.

#1) Dragonfly - Women’s Unique Medium Frame Wing-Shaped Rimless Sunglasses, Clear Gradient Lens with Veins

Arriving last, but most definitely not least on our list is the Dragonfly. This pair of sunglasses is heavenly. Albeit the imagery behind the extreme detail in veins along each individual lens element, the wings will have you coming off as near angelic for your admirers. Dragonfly is hands down our most realistic imitation of animality in a pair of sunglasses, and is by far the most popular wing-shaped frame rimless sunglasses out there. Be sure to pick up a pair, or a few, for those delicate days with your true besties. These wing shaped sunglasses will do absolute wonders for your Tik Tok and Snap Chat feeds.

Stay tuned for our next curation of affordable accessories meant to give your outfits the edge with trends in 2021!

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