There can only be one… Queen of the Fall - Wicked Tender Accessories Give Away Contest

There can only be one… Queen of the Fall - Wicked Tender Accessories Give Away Contest

What is the Queen of the Fall Contest?

This contest is giving away gift cards and wicked fashion accessories from The contest is free and open to anyone with an email address. Many of the accessories are geared toward women, but men can participate for their loved ones as well ❤️.

Is there only one winner - the Queen?

Absolutely not! Everyone who participates in the contest receives a reward. Please see below for the guide to prizes and the number of entries you need to collect in order to capture amazing rewards.

What kind of accessories can I win in this contest?

Prizes and rewards include:

Grand Prizes:

👑Queen of the Fall, 1st Place - $250 USD Gift Card
💎Autumn Duchess, 2nd Place - $50 USD Gift Card
💎Autumn Duchess, 3rd Place - $50 USD Gift Card

Participation Rewards:

🔥Top 50 Participants with at least 100 Entries Awarded Countess, ($1200 Value):
FREE Pair of Sunglasses: Panthera Women's Oversized Aviator Cat Eye Sunglasses
🔥Top 100 Participants with at least 50 Entries, Awarded Royal Dame, ($1000 Value):
$10 USD Gift Card for Sunglasses
🔥All Participants Awarded Noble Lady:
Bonus Private Invitation to Wicked Week, End of November, Black Friday, Week Long Event
*Note that grand prize winners can spend their gift cards on *anything* found on
*Wicked Tender fashion accessories include:

🕶 ✅ - Sunglasses/Eyewear like: Panthera

😷 ✅ - Masks/Filters like: Neoprene Sport Mask
Visit Queen @LeTroup on her Blog!

How can I increase my chances of winning the contest?

You can increase your chances to win prizes in the contest by earning ‘Entries’ by:

See contest page for instructions on how to gain more entries!

How do I enter the contest?

Find the contest page here and simply enter your email or join through your Facebook profile!

If I miss this contest, will there be other contests in the future?

Yes of course! Stay tuned for more of our contests and prizes as we move into the new year, and capture new feelings for the wicked souls in our tender community. We are all about connecting with you, so that you can connect with your own unique soul stirring vibe. There is something for everyone on Don't miss out!

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