Spread Love Tenderly, but Live a Wicked Lifestyle

Spread Love Tenderly, but Live a Wicked Lifestyle
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Soul expression - how do you share your image with others?

We are all born with one. But how we live out our lives determines whether or not our souls will be nurtured into the next life or forever tortured with that little nagging question...

What if?

What if I looked a certain way, or had certain things? How would people see me? How would I see myself?

These are questions we are constantly asking ourselves because our souls are constantly hungering for that certainty, that confidence, all while being absolutely insatiable. Our souls crave expression, and how we let the essence of our core shine onto the world is what carves our character, shapes our love, and defines the relationships we have with others.

How we share our image with the world is how we express our souls.

The hard balance between being tender enough to love, and be wicked enough to live.

The nice guy finishes last... or....the bad boy gets the girl... the ice queen is the most popular ‘betch’ in the group. These idioms shine a light on the darker underbelly of our society and what it means to to be at the top. But in all honesty, these statement couldn’t be more true. Those who choose to give themselves unconditionally, often times end up being taken advantage of. Who really cares for the people who care the most? At least that’s what we ask ourselves.

The key is balance.

Having a tender enough heart to love is important. Because without love we are nothing. Even the most wicked amongst us have someone to love, or someone who loves them.

Being wicked sometimes… is also necessary. When we are wronged or when someone takes advantage of us, an appropriate response is necessary, when justified. The mistake of being nice *all* of the time is that you leave no room to defend your own integrity, honour, and pride. These are the things that allow us to be wicked in our own right.

We must be willing to be tender enough to love, and be loved by others, but also wicked enough to live out a life free of fear and consequence of truly expressing ourselves.

Finding the delicate balance between the two extremes is being Wicked Tender.


Capturing your own very unique expression through Wicked Tender.

In this community, we want you to feel like your expression matters. We want your imprint on this world and the trail that your soul leaves behind, to shine brighter than diamonds.

We are all about *you* making a big impact on your surroundings. Whether that be people, places, or pictures online. Through your wicked expression of self, and your reflection in the tender eyes of others, we all want to be seen -we are all meant to be seen.

Our question to you now is… how do you want to be remembered?

Stick with us for more creative expressions, written and visual, for all things wicked and tender.
- The Founder

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