Is Amethyst Good for Jewelry? Amazing Purple Gemstones

Is Amethyst Good for Jewelry? Amazing Purple Gemstones - Wicked Tender

For millennia, amethyst gemstones have enthralled the human race. Royalty and religious dignitaries used lilac-to-deep purple tones as a statement of their importance in society. Those who wear it are said to gain strength, peace, mental calmness, amongst other things, according to folklore. 

The ancient Greek deity of wine, Bacchus, was also related to amethyst, and it was believed that wearing it would keep one sober.

Amethyst is a gemstone that can be enjoyed by people from all over the world. It is the birthstone for February, but individuals born in any month can appreciate its allure and beauty.

Dream Amethyst Pillar Points

Can I Wear Amethyst Everyday?

You can wear amethyst every day. On the Moh scale of hardness, this gemstone is ranked 7, making it suitable for use in everyday-wear jewelry. The same rules apply to this stone as they do to any other:

  • It's possible that the jewel will show scratches if worn with something harder, such as a diamond. These blemishes and scrapes are irreversible.
  • You may see faded facets and corners if your amethyst has been exposed to the sun for an extended period of time.

Wearing it while carrying out normal daily tasks like cleaning is not recommended. This is because of the fact that amethyst can be damaged by alkaline solutions and many common household cleaners contain these chemicals.

Irregular Chunk Amethyst Bracelet

Amethyst Cleaning and Care

  • Each piece of fine jewelry should be stored in a soft cloth or cushioned container in order to avoid scratching and wear.
  • Warm, sudsy water and soft cloth are the ideal cleaning tools for amethyst jewelry.
  • You should take your expensive jewelry to a competent jeweller for cleaning and inspection at least twice a year.
  • Even though amethyst is a rare gemstone, it can fade if exposed to intense light for an extended period of time.

Why Amethyst Might Wear Out Quickly

  • Amethyst gemstones may develop cracks if the temperature suddenly changes. An amethyst crystal can, however, break under specific circumstances. Cracking your amethyst crystal is easy if you do the following (avoid these things!):
  • Amethyst crystals that have existing internal flaws such as cracks, fissures, or irregularities are more prone to breakage than those without. Even if dropped, they may break upon direct contact with the ground with little force required.
  • Amethyst can break if dropped from a tremendous height, just like any other crystal. The crystal doesn't have to have a lot of impurities or internal flaws for this to happen.
  • It is possible for the crystal to break depending on the amount of force applied. Internal flaws or structural irregularities are not required for a crystal to break.
  • Amethyst may develop cracks as a result of a sudden temperature change.
  • The most common cause of breakage is structural irregularities. The more impure the crystal, the more probable it is to break. Only a minimal quantity of iron exists in true amethyst, making it seem more vividly violet. Even though the violet hue is pure, it may have a tinge of another colour due to greater impurities.

Does the Sun Damage Amethyst?

Although many gemstones look absolutely beautiful in sunlight, this lovely gemstone should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time in any case. To prevent the gemstone from losing its vibrant purple hue, keep amethyst out of direct sunlight. A white-ish crystal with a faint violet tint is often noticed due to this change in shade.

To avoid lasting discolouration, it is best to keep the crystal out of direct sunlight. It is not necessary to 'cleanse' amethyst crystals in the sunshine. But 'charging' the stone with rays of sun for a few moments each day is fine to enjoy the sparkle and shine of these crystals.

History of Amethyst Gemstones

Brazil is the world's leading producer of amethyst, followed by Uruguay. When amethyst was discovered in Brazil during the 19th century, it became more affordable and accessible to the general public.

The amethysts found in South America tend to be larger than those found in other regions. There are certain geodes that are so huge that you could actually stand inside of them. Many mines and volcanic deposits include these geodes.

Amethyst is mined extensively in Russia. One of the best qualities of Russian amethyst is that it is still held in high regard. Ruling families in Russia coveted this gem because of its rare purity and high monetary value.

Africa's amethyst stones are smaller, but they have a richer, more intense purple hue. Zambia has a history of producing some of the world's finest gemstones. Amethysts in this shade are among the most sought-after.

Why You Should Shop for Amethyst Jewelry

These three facts should convince you that amethyst jewelry is the right choice for you:

  • Affordable. Everyone can find a stunning piece of art at a price they can afford.
  • Very Accessible. Affluence in Brazil allows amethysts to be easily obtained around the world.
  • Unique. Despite the fact that amethyst is easily identifiable, the range of colours available is unmatched. Beautiful hues range from soft lavender to an inky black. 

Amethyst Cluster Ring


7 Benefits of Wearing Amethyst

  1. An amethyst's capacity to reduce stress is well-known. Dionysus was given an amethyst by a Titan to keep him sane in Greek mythology. Amethyst and other soothing stones have recently been reintroduced into treatment plants by many patients and holistic practitioners.
  2. Positive energy is attracted by amethyst, which helps ward against negative emotions like melancholy, fear, and worry. Amethyst is assumed to protect the wearer from bad sensations like tension and anxiety by creating an aura of tranquility.
  3. It improves one's ability to think more clearly and make better decisions. In order to improve one's ability to notice patterns in one's own emotions, it works on a deep emotional level.
  4. For those who are grieving and are wounded by the loss of a loved one will find solace in this stone.
  5. Intuition is enhanced, which has a beneficial impact on creativity and imagination. It also aids in the assimilation and implementation of new ideas and concepts.
  6. Amethyst's power lies in its ability to make us feel better and alleviate pain. Additionally, people use amethyst to meditate, calm, and enhance their sense of well-being because of its stress-relieving effects.
  7. Symbolizing health and well-being, amethyst's deep violet colours are lovely and enchanting.

Buying Amethyst Jewelry and Decorations

Polished Amethyst Bracelet

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- The Wicked Tender Team

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