I can see you, but you can't see me... or can you?

I can see you, but you can't see me... or can you?
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I can see you, but you can't see me... or can you?

When we meet each other, wherever we may be, there is always an exchange of something a little more than words, and even touch. It's that atmospheric exchange, we can never explain.

This is when our minds and hearts collide in a way that we can't explain, but without a doubt, can feel that there is more between us than we can see with our own eyes...

What does he see right now?

His gaze met hers, but he had absolutely no idea. All he was able to see were those giant sunglass frames shielding her face. Like a massive gate into a palace of the mind.

He could only imagine how her tender eyes would mesmerize his heart, and soul if he ever saw them.
Such a mystery she was, the answers more tempting than he could ever know.

How would she look at him?

"I wonder what he is looking at" she pondered...
She was startled. He suddenly turned in her direction and stared right at her. She thought that he couldn’t see her eyes through those massive sunglass frames of hers.

Maybe he could though… or maybe he was just bluffing. She didn’t know. He was taking a big gamble looking at her so boldly like he was.

But there was something about his gaze, it pierced right through her shield and into her mind, sending a tremor through her heart and soul.
His look was wicked.
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