"How could you actually train your dragon in real life?" - Game of Thrones Parody

In the fictional world of A Game of Thrones, dragons are generally thought to be mythical creatures. But what if they existed in our world? Could people really train them like Viserys Targaryen or Daenerys Targaryen did?

A dragon is a type of mythical creature that appears in many stories and legends as an enormous fire-breathing beast. In the A Song of Ice and Fire book series, George R.R. Martin writes about several different species of dragons that exist throughout his fictional world: the red dragon, which resides in Westeros; the black dragon found in Essos; and the green dragon that lives beneath The Vale. Even though there may not be real-life dragons walking among us today, we can still try to answer this question by looking at how other animals are trained today and then extrapolating from there.


Why are dragons so important in A Game of Thrones?

Dragons in A Game of Thrones aren't just a literary device; they represent a source of power for individuals and political factions. The Targaryen family is able to reestablish itself as a royal family in Westeros thanks in large part to the possession of dragons. Because dragons are extremely rare and valuable creatures, they give the Targaryens a significant advantage over their enemies. Dragons represent incredible power, since they can be used to defend against aggressors and destroy entire castles/towns with their fire-breathing abilities. Dragons have the ability to change the course of history; they can quickly break up civil wars and turn certain factions into legitimate rulers. Dragons also have cultural significance in Westeros. One of the most important holidays celebrated in the country is the Day of the Dragons, which honors the death of dragons and the extinction of the species during the reign of Aegon the Conqueror. Many people in Westeros still believe that dragons will one day come back to life and replace their extinct relatives, which is partly why Viserys and Daenerys have such a difficult time re-establishing themselves as rulers.

Training requirements for flying a dragon in real life.

Assuming you were able to capture a dragon, how would you train it to fly with you? You would want to start the training process when the dragon is very young, around the same time you would be training a horse or dog to obey your commands. You would also need to have a very strong relationship with the dragon, almost like a parent-child relationship. Dragons are very intelligent creatures and can learn basic commands, but they require a lot of patience and a lot of time. It would take at least a couple of years to get a dragon to understand basic commands and obey them. Here are a few dragon training tips: - Get your dragon comfortable with you. Dragons are naturally skittish, so you'll want to spend a lot of time gentling it and building a strong relationship. - Use positive reinforcement when training your dragon. Positive reinforcement will help you build a strong relationship with your dragon and allow you to teach it more complex commands. - Start off with small commands, like "come here" and "sit down," and then slowly progress to larger, more complex commands. - Build a secure enclosure for your dragon so it can safely stay out of the way when you aren't training it. Dragons are very large creatures, so you'll want an enclosure that can keep it safe and contained while you aren-t working with it.

Where would you keep a dragon?

Dragons are very large beasts, so you should have a very large enclosure to house your dragon. In A Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen's dragons live in a large enclosure in the city. This enclosure is built with strong stone walls, has a metal roof to protect it from rain or sunlight, and has a large metal gate that can be used to safely contain the dragons. To build a large enclosure for your dragon, you're going to need a lot of metal, stone, and other materials. You'll also need a large patch of land on which you can build your enclosure.

Dragon food requirements in real life.

Dragons in A Game of Thrones are said to eat sheep, goats, and cows, but what about real-life dragons? First, it's important to note that dragons are fictional creatures, so there's no scientific evidence that they actually exist. With that said, there are some theories about what dragons would eat in real life. Both the red and black dragons in A Game of Thrones are said to eat sheep, goats, and cows, but it's possible that black dragons also eat fish. Dragons are also said to eat iron in A Game of Thrones, but this may just be a metaphor for how iron-eating dragons are the most dangerous types of dragons. Black dragons are especially dangerous, and are said to primarily feed on humans.

Dragon handling and care in real life.

As mentioned above, dragons are very skittish creatures. They need a lot of space to roam around, and they aren't cuddly or friendly creatures. If you were to actually train a dragon and keep one as a pet, you would need to provide very large living spaces for it and keep it away from people. In A Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen keeps her dragons locked up in a city, where they are regularly fed sheep but aren't very happy. You could keep your dragon in a large field, but it would need to be far away from any towns and cities to avoid being seen. You would also need to regularly feed your dragon meat if you want it to stay alive and healthy. 

Final thoughts on how to actually train your dragon.

Dragons are interesting creatures that have fascinated humans for many years. While they're generally thought to be fictional, people have long wondered what dragons would be like if they actually existed. We looked at the real-life requirements of training dragons, what dragons would need to eat, and what kind of environment they would need to live in. There are many similarities between dragons in A Game of Thrones and real-life creatures, but there are also many differences. And while dragons in A Game of Thrones are a rare, powerful asset, in real life they would be extremely dangerous and difficult to control.

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