15 Wicked Halloween Costumes and Makeup Artists to Inspire You 🎃😈

Halloween 2019 Was Absolutely Wicked 🎃😈

If you didn't have a chance to get out and see some exceptional Halloween 🎃 costumes this year, have no worries, we've curated some of the most amazing personas and looks for you to feast your eyes on...

It almost seemed as if the Halloweeners this year wanted to take it up a notch with everything from full blown professionally applied makeup to complete ensembles of their most dastardly and ghoulish identities. So we just had to make sure we shared some of the most epic costumes and works of makeup art that we've ever seen.

15 Wicked Halloween Costumes and Makeup Artists to Inspire You


What we mean when things are taken up a notch.

It's just so great to see how costumes can evolve with creativity... and exposure. The advent of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, are allowing us to share our experiences, and our costumes, with millions of people across the globe. And this can only mean one thing...an increased competition to look your best on Halloween 🎃.
But what is our fascination with Halloween really all about? Some of us actually wait a full 364 days for the next Halloween night, just as November 1st hits. Our love and passion for this holiday is being fuelled by something inside us. Something that speaks to the more wicked parts of our soul.
Perhaps it is the allure of getting away with uncouth behaviour, while your identity is safeguarded by the embrace of a mask. Or perhaps it's the opportunity for us to showcase a part of us that screams "This is what my dark side looks like, don't mess with me."
There is something magical about this time of year. It unearths the 'wicken' in all of us. It's a time for us to tap into the more ephemeral parts of our mind. And when we all come together on this wavelength, we create the most amazing moments with our friends and fellow Halloweenas. 
There are some of us that don't necessarily need to go full wicked on Halloween though. Some costumes embrace the more tender sides of our hearts, bringing a healthy balance to the mixture of personality on October 31st.
Whatever direction you choose, be it Wicked, or Tender, or perhaps a little bit of both. Your soul craves expression. Everyone one of us. It's how we choose to leave our impression on the world. 
Whether it be dressing up as something completely different from ourselves, or simply putting a spotlight on a feeling that we already have inside of us, Halloween is absolutely magical, and this year in 2019 may have been the best yet.
We can't wait for next Halloween 🎃😈...
Stick with our community as we curate even more fantastic artists and costume lords headed into the fall. With each year it seems like you guys get even more intense, and look even more wicked than ever. If you have a costume or make up art that you want to showcase, please send your words to wickedstyles@wickedtender.com.
See you next time 💋!

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