Gemstones With Health Benefits - Support Your Body With Crystals

Gemstones With Health Benefits - Support Your Body With Crystals - Wicked Tender

Gemstones come in a various shapes and sizes, each one with its own advantages. According to folklore and ancient mythos, various healing powers and energies are attributed to each crystal. Gemstones work because of how our personal energies react to each crystal.

It's as simple as holding one of these stones in your hand and feeling its healing energy flow through you. It's also a great way to bring peace, tranquility, and protection into your home or business.

People who fancy the power of gemstones, from their permanence to their ability to purify the body, may want to read on to learn about the most essential advantages of gemstones and how to go about finding the ideal one for you.

******Please keep in mind that healing through crystals and gemstones is not a perfect science, and that you should always consult with a medical professional for any injury, ailment, or discomfort that you may be experiencing.

Blue Topaz Healing Properties

Blue topaz alleviates physical and emotional stress, helping us to communicate our thoughts and feelings in order to find solutions. The gemstone is said to absorb heat and relieve arthritis and other inflammation-related ailments. Check out this juicy sterling silver blue topaz ring below!

Emerald Healing Properties

A green gemstone, emerald, is thought to have healing properties, particularly for persons with cardiac, pulmonary, or muscular system ailments. The belief is that Emeralds help alleviate depression and alleviate sleeplessness.

Emeralds have also been shown to reduce diabetes complications and boost the immune system in general.

Rose Quartz Healing Properties

Rose quartz, the gemstone of 'unconditional love,' is said to aid in the health of the heart and circulatory system by removing toxins. As well as lowering blood pressure, this also aids in the healing process. 

Rose quartz is thought to boost fertility and protect both the mother and her unborn child from miscarriage, according to traditional belief. It is calming and reassuring, and it can be used to ease the pain of loss. The rose quartz tree of life hexagonal crystal gemstone pillar pendant necklace is a lovely piece of jewelry in our store that you should most definitely check out!

Amethyst Healing Properties

Beautiful purple amethyst is a natural tranquilizer that helps to alleviate feelings of worry and enhances the body's immune system by reducing stress. It is believed that amethyst, in addition to assisting with sleep disorders including insomnia, can help regulate metabolism by aiding in the generation of hormones in the body. However, it is to be kept in mind that having a healthy immune system starts with having clean blood and a healthy diet. See more of this gorgeous dream amethyst obelisk to promote well-being in your life.

Lapis Lazuli Healing Properties

The decadent lapis lazuli is an anti-inflammatory stone, a blood pressure-lowering agent, and an immune system stimulant. Another advantage is that stress is relieved quickly, and optimism and resilience are increased, making it simpler to live a life of honesty, compassion, and integrity.

Pearl Healing Properties

For millennia, pearls have been used to treat a variety of ailments. Pearls are the gemstone for the thirtieth wedding anniversary because they reflect purity and sincerity. To help you sleep, pearls are thought to help restore the natural rhythm and equilibrium of your body, which relieves stress. It is claimed that pearls can reduce bloating and alleviate the discomforts of childbirth.

Garnet Healing Properties

Granatum is the Latin word for pomegranate, from which this gemstone's name was derived. Garnets are related to a stronger immune system and energy levels, thanks to the belief that garnet can purify the chakras and re-energize them. 

It is said to instill a sense of self-confidence, courage, and hope, as well as inspiring feelings of love and devotion. Garnet is used to cure bone problems and to rebuild the strength of the body.

Jade Healing Properties

Jade is your best bet if you're looking for strength and rejuvenation. Those who suffer from chronic ailments might benefit greatly from the lovely green stone, which is said to enhance the body's filtration and cleansing processes. In addition, because of its connection to the heart chakra, jade is beneficial in reducing worry and tension.

Tourmaline Healing Properties

Tourmaline comes in a range of colours, all of which have been shown to promote health in different ways. Pink tourmaline, in particular, has been shown to lessen anxiety and promote empathy in those with mental health issues. 

Self-esteem is boosted by watermelon tourmaline, while stress is alleviated by Black Tourmaline. Green tourmaline increases stamina and decreases stress, while brown tourmaline can aid in the treatment of addiction. Finally, it is stated that blue tourmaline aids in the development of intuition and spiritual growth.

Aquamarine Healing Properties

For those born in March, aquamarine symbolizes strength and tranquility since it can help clear the mind. Meditation and self-expression are aided by the stone's properties. The stone is beneficial for digestion, vision, and dental health. 

Allergic reactions are eased as well. Pregnancy is also said to be aided by aquamarine. The process be made safer using this stone is thought to protect both the mother and the unborn child from harm, and lowers the possibility of a miscarriage.

Clear Crystal Quartz Healing Properties

Among gemstones, quartz is known as the "master healer." Balance and tranquility can be achieved through the cleansing of the immune system and the detoxification of the organs. Increased vitality and clarity of thought are the results. 

Crystal quartz clears the body of all kinds of toxins, including those that impact its physical and mental health as well as its emotional and spiritual well-being. The chakras are also harmonized by clear quartz. Check out these clear crystal quartz spheres in order to top off your own crown chakra.

Fluorite Healing Properties

Protective and stable, fluorite is an excellent stone for anchoring and harmonizing spiritual energies. Intuitive powers are enhanced, connections to global consciousness are made with the human mind, and a spiritual connection is developed when working with fluorite in the upper chakras. 

Fluorite aids in bringing intuition into the physical world, allowing for better mental and physical synchronization. When it comes to clearing the aura, fluorite is a common choice for energy healers.

Increased mental capacities, as well as the ability to quickly organize and digest information, can be brought about by using fluorite. Fluorite is a powerful auric and chakra cleanser because of its ability to absorb negative energy from the surrounding environment.

Buying Gemstones For Your Well-being

Even if you're only buying a stone to wear around your neck, it's a good idea to visit an expert astrologer before making your purchase because you never know when a stone will bring you additional good fortune or wisdom.

Keep your gemstone in a secure location and clean it on a regular basis to retain its benefits. You should always be vigilant and cautious when dealing with magical properties like gemstones; therefore, cleaning them regularly is a good idea.

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- The Wicked Tender Team

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