Faux or Vegan? PU Leather Bags Top 10 Questions Answered

Faux or Vegan? PU Leather Bags Top 10 Questions Answered
Still curious about PU leather bags?
We've got the top 10 questions answered in this blog piece.


What is PU leather?

PU leather is synthetic leather created from polyurethane, a highly flexible and durable material used in home furnishings to make them more comfortable and supportive. PU leather is an imitation of real leather, and is a composite of both organic and inorganic materials. It is a similar texture and appearance to genuine leather, but does not involve animals in any way. PU leather is an artificial material.

Is PU leather real leather?

PU leather is not real leather. It is an artificial material made from polyurethane.

What are PU leather bags?

PU leather bags are made from polyurethane material and have all of the advantages of the material that is also used to make home furnishings more durable and comfortable. PU leather is a great alternative to genuine leather and has the same kind of texture, but in a uniform pattern.

Is PU leather material good for bags?

PU leather is an amazing material for bags because you get the same luscious texture, and toughness of genuine leather, at a much more affordable price. Also, PU leather bags tend to have highly detailed designs as they are generally created from scratch, and do not rely on the natural patterns of genuine leather.


Are PU leather bags durable?

PU leather bags are very durable. PU leather is a synthetic material that is manufactured with the purpose of being strong. Because PU leather is also used in home furnishing, such as bedding and even furniture, it is created with the intention of lasting several years.

How long does PU leather last?

PU leather can last between 10 and 20 years if properly cared for. Over time, PU leather can generally gain an attractive texture as it ages. Expect your PU leather bag to gain more character and texture the more you use it. PU leather bags can achieve a vintage quality that is hard to find elsewhere.


Is PU leather waterproof?

The polyurethane material in PU leather is an extremely strong water-repellant. This material, when applied in a coating, is even capable of making some fabrics completely waterproof. In general, PU leather bags are some of the most water resistant bags that you can carry.


Is PU leather considered vegan or faux leather?

PU leather is considered ‘vegan’ as the process of manufacturing the materials does not involve animals of any kind, in any way. PU leather is artificial, and is made up of a synthetic polyurethane material with the purpose of imitating natural leather.

How do PU leather bag prices compare to authentic leather bags?

PU leather bags are much less expensive than genuine or authentic leather bags. Because animals have been completely removed from the manufacturing process, a lot of time and resources are saved in PU leather bag production. You can find all sorts of PU leather bags with stunning designs and amazing durability that match up to genuine leather bags of similar design.

What kind of bags come in PU leather? 50 Types of PU Leather Bags

PU leather bags come in many different shapes and designs. Different types of PU leather bags include:

  1. Backpack
  2. Rucksack
  3. Crossbody Bag
  4. Satchel
  5. Knapsack
  6. Rondoseru
  7. Waist Bag
  8. Fannny Pack
  9. Drawstring Bag
  10. Makeup Pouches
  11. Clutches
  12. Kiss Lock Clutch
  13. Minaudiere
  14. Bracelet Bag
  15. Wristlet
  16. Knot Bag
  17. Box Bag
  18. Boston Bag
  19. Doctor’s Bag
  20. Hobo Bag 
  21. Tote Bag
  22. Fringe Bag
  23. Bucket Bag
  24. Accordian Hang Bag
  25. Shopper Bag
  26. Canteen bag
  27. Saddle Bag
  28. Satchel
  29. Quilted Sling
  30. Sling Bag
  31. Haversack
  32. Weekender
  33. Duffel Bag
  34. Barrel Bag
  35. Field Bag
  36. Laptop Bag
  37. Diaper Bag
  38. Tennis Bag
  39. Hiking Backpack
  40. Golf Bag
  41. Portfolio Bag
  42. Purse
  43. Coin Purse
  44. Clasp Purse
  45. Long Wallet
  46. Zip Around Wallet
  47. Credit Card Wallet
  48. Wallet With Chain
  49. Key Case
  50. Glasses Case 

Where can I buy PU leather bags?

Please explore our PU leather bags for both women and men in our growing 'Need to Haves' selection. If there is a specific design or look that you have been searching for, please let us know!

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