Can All Minerals Be Gemstones? Learn the Differences

Can All Minerals Be Gemstones? Learn the difference on Wicked Tender

So, what exactly are minerals?

Minerals are inorganic substances that are naturally occurring on earth and are referred to as a "mineral." To further elaborate, there are a few additional specific characteristics of minerals. They must in general be abiogenic, meaning that they are not the consequence of biological organism activity. Moreover, the arrangement of their atoms is critical. However, scientists are always debating these properties.

A wide variety of minerals are suitable for cutting and polishing into gemstones. Feldspar is the most prevalent mineral in the Earth's crust, followed by quartz. Quartz comes in a wide variety of beautiful forms and is often used in jewelry.

Citrine, rose quartz, and amethyst are a few other examples of minerals.

Rose Quartz Bohemian Bracelet

Minerals also include elements with the following properties:

● Their chemical makeup and atomic structure are predetermined because they form in nature but are inorganic.
● Some minerals are hard and beautiful enough to be regarded as jewels; nonetheless, the vast majority of minerals are not gemstones.
● Bauxite, for example, is a mineral form of aluminum, but it is quite plain-looking and malleable. 
● A variety of colours and designs can be found in the mineral mixture known as Jasper, which is tough and adorned with stunning patterns. 

There are some minerals that are valuable stones, but the majority of minerals do not fit the criteria for being classified as gems.

Defining Gemstones 

A mineral that is highly coveted for its beauty, durability, and rarity is referred to as a gemstone. Noncrystalline organic materials (such as pearl, red coral, and amber) are also included in the gemstone category.

Since ancient times, people have been captivated by gemstones due to their beauty and rarity, and they have long been employed in jewelry design. The most important requirement for a gem is its beauty.

Naturally Occurring Rose Quartz Before Cut and Polish

Gems were viewed as magical and gifted objects harbouring mysterious powers by numerous cultures, particularly their use as jewelry. There were a variety of stones that had varied and sometimes overlapping properties; for example, the diamond was considered to provide its owner power in combat and protection from ghosts and magic. In the present day and age, Diamonds are one of the most sought-after gemstones in the market.

Even today, the custom of wearing a birthstone retains some of these old ideas. Gemstones are the most sought-after of all the beautiful crystals that minerals may produce. Gems that haven't been cut can look a lot like rocks. Only after cutting and polishing do they acquire their charm and beauty, henceforth, making them valuable. 

Precious And Semi-precious Gemstones

Precious and semi-precious gems have traditionally been separated out in the gem world. Semi-precious gems are gorgeous, but only diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are considered precious.

Only about 200 of the approximately 3,000 minerals that are prized for their beauty, get cut, and are polished to be used in jewelry. These are considered gemstones. Beauty (colour, brilliance, cutting perfection, etc.) is the most important aspect of gemstone value. Other important factors include durability, rarity, demand (or vogue), tradition, and portability.

Minerals vs Gemstones

Gemology is the science of jewels while mineralogy is the study of minerals that focuses on the qualities of minerals that can be viewed with the naked eye and magnified. 

It is common knowledge that gemstones are minerals that have formed crystals and have subsequently been cut and refined to be used in jewelry. 

The value of a gemstone is determined by a gemologist, a professional who specializes in the study of jewels. In most cases, it's an ornamental stone, but it's also extremely expensive.

Characteristics Of Gemstones 

A gem's durability, size, and rarity can all be compared to determine its value. As a result of cutting and polishing, gemstones can achieve a level of brilliance and colour that is unparalleled. 

As a rule of thumb, gemstones are categorized as either semi-precious or precious. Amethyst, garnet, citrine, turquoise, and opal are examples of semi-precious gemstones. Diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphires are examples of precious gemstones.

Why are gemstones more expensive and valuable than minerals?

Gemstones can be made from the most beautiful minerals if they are cut specifically for jewelry. The smaller the yield, the more difficult it is to find minerals with beautiful forms that may be mined for gemstones.

Having to cut and transport the gemstone further enhances its worth. The waste of minerals can be used for other things, but the real money is in the gems that are acquired. 

Contrary to popular belief, a semi-precious stone may be more valuable or rare than a precious one, even though the two are classified as separate gems. 

Tsavorite, a green garnet, is a semi-precious stone, yet it's worth more than an emerald because of its rarity. Since there are various elements to consider, precious stones don't always hold a higher value than semi-precious stones.

Fun Facts About Gemstones

● Although it has a similar sound to the semiprecious gemstone 'Jade,' jadeite is rarer and much more valuable, with a one-carat price tag of roughly $20,000 for a single piece.

● Many gemstones have been linked to riches and power throughout history, both symbolically and literally.

● Lapis lazuli was a highly treasured jewel in ancient Egypt, whereas jade was revered in early Chinese civilization.

Vintage Lapi Lazuli Ring

● Colors in some gemstones can shift or vary in response to the wearer's emotions. When exposed to a variety of lighting conditions, mood stones, which were popular in the early Victorian era as mood rings, react to changes in body temperature.

● 'Diamond' is a Greek word that means 'untameable,' and 'invincible.'

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