5 Hot and Affordable Women’s Fashion Accessories You’ll Want for Spring & Summer Season, 2021

5 Hot and Affordable Women’s Fashion Accessories You’ll Want for Spring & Summer Season, 2021

Happy New Year!

With 2021 upon us, it is clear what the world wants from the next 365 days. Resolutions? Not quite - we've all had way too many of those fall through year after year. So let's go with something simple, something attainable! More positivity, more happiness, and more safety - yes please!

2020 was one of the hardest years all of our lives. From long lockdowns, to lost loved ones, we all felt this horrible situation in our own way. We all had to remain vigilant through tough times. We all had to do what we had to do - so to speak.

With that being said, you deserve to look the way you feel. Strong. The way you’ve had to feel this year. Determined, confident and still a steaming hot serpent of sensuous sensation, although the world has stopped, you have not. The path to a new season of fashion is on the brink of a breakthrough. We wanted to put this list together to help with your own personal evolution this year.

Here are our 5 hot and affordable women’s fashion accessories that you’ll definitely want for your spring and summer seasons in 2021. Burn it up, babe!

5 Affordable Fashion Accessories for Women - Spring & Summer

#1) Ladies 2-Piece Stackable, Bold Boho Fashion Bracelet, Bamboo Shaped Bangle, and Coin Pendant Set 


This was *the* top selling bracelet set in 2020. With such classic designs and a vintage feel, this edgy bracelet set will unlikely fall from the pedestal to which it is kept - on you of course!


#2) Toodles - Women's Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses, Textured Frame, Mirror Lens 

What an inspiration! Toodles is a great pair of glasses for driving and shopping. If you need to look serious enough to get things done without interruption but nice enough to keep your claws retracted, grab the reflective pink mirror lens. You will be able to see your onlookers, but they won't be able to see you, Queen!

#3) Ladies Geometric Chain Link Open Ring  - Adjustable, Thick, Chunky, Vintage Fashion Ring

This ring is not for the faint of heart. The lovers of all things chunky and chained will adore this adjustable geometric chain link open ring. It can be worn by anyone looking for a little edge above the wrist. Just don't hurt anybody!

#4) Anti-Pollution Sport Mask - Neoprene, N99 PM2.5 Carbon Filtration, Anti-Bacterial, Double Breathing Valves

Of course a mask was going to make the list! Choose the colour and patterns that suit your personality best. If you are going to have to wear one, it might as well look as bad*** as possible - right? This anti-bacterial sport mask comes with two breathing valves and replaceable filters. It is very sturdy and easily washed. Fitting snugly to the face makes this mask nearly impossible to lose. Mask up, and stay safe out there!

#5) Women's Luminous Geometric Backpack  - Holographic Reflective Glow In The Dark Fashion Bag, Clutch and Wallet

Last but most certainly not least, is this absolutely magical, reflective glow in the dark, backpack. You will shock and awe your friends and co-workers with this geometrically gifted rucksack. Its luminous materials reflect light in almost any setting, and direction. Easily combo your backpack with matching clutches and wallet. You will be the light in the dark, the shining beacon in the night... Honey - you will be glowing!


2021, A year to look forward to...

Be sure to grab these wicked accessories, and more, before returning to your epic lifestyle in 2021. It's going to get a lot better this year. We know it will. You just have to have a little faith in the world, and a little faith in yourself of course!

See you soon, tendy babe!

- The Wicked Tender Team

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