5 Best Affordable Shield Visor Sunglasses and Face Protectors That You Need for Summer 2021

5 Best Affordable Shield Visor Sunglasses and Face Protectors That You Need for Summer 2021

Planning your eyewear ahead of the summer? You’ve found the right place. We’ve been looking forward to this summer season since winter hit! Lockdowns have been long and they have been hard. Plus - most of us have been plugged into our computers for almost 365 days straight. The anticipation of one of the most explosive years in history has everyone on edge to get out of their caves.

That is why we’ve put together the 5 best affordable shield visor sunglasses and face protectors that you absolutely must have before heading out into the concrete wilderness.


Whether you’re in it for the UV400 protection, full coverage privacy, or you just want to look better than the mortals who cross your path... With these wicked cyber punk styles, your aesthetic will surely have your followers watching your every move, just to see where you will plug into next. You will be queen (or king) of this digital jungle. *Likes* are coming your way...

Let’s start from the top!

5 Best Affordable Shield Visor Sunglasses - Summer 2021

#5) Cyber - Large Curvy Futuristic Shield Visor Sunglasses - Cyber Punk Style with Round Flat Top and Oversized Mirror Gradient Lens

Cyber is your benchmark oversized cyber punk style shield visor sunglasses. These oversized sunnies are definitely great for eyewear beginners who want to start off with a large pair but are hesitant of being *too* over the top (Impossible!). With its classic flat top and curvy futuristic design, this pair of visor shield sunglasses can be worn with anything, or just thrown on with a bathing suit. You need to be confident to wear these. Because the people who see you in them won’t be able to think otherwise.

#4) Cyber Future - Large Reflective Shield Visor Sunglasses - Luxury Flat Top Goggle Style Sunglasses with Oversized Mirror Gradient Lens

Cyber Future gets more intense. With sunset lenses and splatter paint frames, you’re taking it up on a notch on hype, but still remaining relatively close to the stratosphere. These large frame mirror lens sunglasses are super sporty, and will have your followers thinking you’ve just jumped off of your jet ski or speed boat. If you aren’t engaging in water sports, this set of glasses are great for biking, running, working out, and generally looking like the majestic beast. Because that’s the type of energy you will be giving off with these bad boys, bae.

#3) Cyber Celebrity - Large Rimless Shield Visor Sunglasses - Luxury Style Square Frame Fashion Sunglasses with Clear Gradient Lens

It’s party time! These rimless shield visor sunglasses are great for showing up to events just to make people jealous. You want to live lavishly, and that’s ok. The large box frame, transparent design, peppered with metal bindings and a sleek gradient lens, give these visor shield sunglasses an extremely luxurious look. And while typically suited for women, you will find your most daring men looking absolutely glorious in these square frame fashion sunglasses.

#2) Cyber Sphere - Large Rounded Face Shield Visor - Full Coverage Fashionable Clear Transparent Anti-Spray Face Protection

Possibly the best rounded face shield visor that we’ve had available in our shop, the cyber sphere will have heads on a swivel as you blast past the common folk with an out of this world aesthetic. Find yourself immersed in hot pink gradients and galactic hues before allowing yourself to be seen by anyone else. Or if you’re into the tease, go for a transparent lens that shows off your unending beauty without the fear of smudging your make up. Your onlookers will be able to see you... but you certainly cannot be touched...

#1) Cyber Summer - Large Fashion Face Shield - Mouth and Nose Cover, Cyber Punk Clear Transparent Anti-Spray Protective Mouth Shield

And of course, we saved the best for last. Cyber summer is your number one go to face shield for getting out, staying safe, all while showing off that fresh new shade of lipstick. Who said you that can’t talk care of yourself while looking wicked? This large fashion face shield mouth and nose cover has an extremely unique look and is very easy to wear. Simply slip over your ears and head out the door. No more cloth to irritate your skin. No more worrying about how dirty your mask has gotten. Simply apply makeup, and go. You can save the stress for which matching colour dress you are going to wear. You are going to  steal the show right, babe? This is your summer!

Stay safe out there 💋❤️!

- The Wicked Tender Team

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