5 Amazing Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend or Wife this Christmas, 2019

5 Amazing Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend or Wife this Christmas, 2019

It’s that time of year again. That precious few months where the most amazing deals in the world are being captured by shoppers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The big crunch for our poor boyfriends, husbands and other male counterparts, is answering the question as to what they need to get for their girlfriends and other women in their life for the holiday season (mom’s and sisters count too!).

So this is for the wicked men in our community looking for gift ideas for the holidays. Depending on where you are in your relationship, the gift size can vary. We definitely don’t sell any cars on Wicked Tender… Try Mercedes! But sometimes it’s the smaller, more thoughtful gifts that go the extra mile into winning her heart.

Having her share your present, with her friends is your goal. Because if she’s confident enough to show it off, like she does you, it was definitely a gift to remember, bucko!

So let’s take a look at 5 really amazing gift ideas for the women in your heart, and see if we can nudge you in the right direction for the holidays this 2019.


Top 5 Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend or Wife

1. A new pair of over the top sunglasses for when she’s ready to show off.

Everyone wants to the confidence to where a pair of supremely over the top sunglasses. But it’s not all the time that we actually have the confidence to go out and get them ourselves! Sunglasses that are a little bit more showy than normal are a great gift because you are letting her know, “this is what I really think of you, to me you are the superstar in my life”. If she has seen something she likes but didn’t pull the trigger on buying it, odds are she really wants it, but just needs a ‘reason’ to adorn such shades and be the superstar. That reason is you silly! Dive into the Hype Monster Collection for large frame sunglasses, visors, and shields to really put your babe a frame above the rest.

2. A new, stylish women’s layered watch set, to enhance her ensemble.

Watches are one of the most understated accessories you can wear. But *rarely* does a nice watch get... overlooked. We are looking for the nice look to get *overwatched*. And nice doesn’t necessarily mean expensive! You can still look nice in an affordable way! And think about layers, layers, layers! Whether it be a stand alone watch with an endearing bracelet, or a 4 piece ensemble, the more layers of sheen, shine, and sparkle, the better. Check out affordable watches under $100, when you begin your search.

3. A new, box clutch purse designed to make her outfit look out of this world.

A box clutch purse *is* the statement of the night. Yes, her outfit, her hair, and her makeup are important. But a vibrant clutch purse is going to spur both admiration and jealousy from her friends with lesser accessories to bear. And that is exactly what she needs. With a new clutch purse, you will be able to infuse both luxury and style into her outfit, all while stealing the whims of her heart. The Need to Haves Bags collection is a great place to start for a super popular, and exceptionally unique bag for her.

4. A new, double layered umbrella to protect her outfit in the precipitation.

Wait, am umbrella?! But that isn’t sexy at all! Wake up buddy! She needs more than just the glitz and the glam. She needs to know you are watching over her, even when you are not there with her. Grab her a double layer reverse folding umbrella so she will never feel the embarrassment of having to open and close that plastic bag and coat hanger contraption, ever again. Perfect for her car, she is going to stay dry in the drip no matter where she goes. Grab her double layer reverse folding umbrella here. P.S. you might want to grab one for yourself too - they really work!

5. A new, portable LED mirror so she can keep touch up hassles to a minimum.

How many times have you been out with her and she needed to run to the bathroom quickly, or hung out in front of a lobby mirror for more than just a few seconds? Ya she’s just doing her thing, she needs to make sure the image she bears, is ready for the gram. Duh!! A new, portable LED makeup mirror is going to be her touch up side-kick and significantly reduce the hassle of finding a mirror with proper lighting. The best thing is, you will be able to charge your cellphone wirelessly when she’s not using it. Win win!

So there you have it!

A few items to think about getting her this holiday season.

And remember - it doesn’t have to be big, and it doesn't have to break your bank account. It just needs to be thoughtful so that she will know that you put your heart into it.

Tender feelings equate to wicked experiences in our books - embrace yours for her.

- The Wicked Tender Team

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