10 Uses Of Gemstones Other Than Jewelry - Practical Uses Of Gemstones

10 Uses Of Gemstones Other Than Jewelry - Practical Uses Of Gemstones - Wicked Tender

For millennia, gems have been employed in creating accessories and other decorative items. There are countless examples of their use in jewelry from around the world. 

However, gemstones can be utilized in a variety of ways besides jewelry and ornamentation. Here, we'll take a look at some of the most typical ways that gemstones are put to use.

1. Gemstone Uses Related to Mysticism

Shimmering gems, such as rubies, have been part of folklore and mythology for thousands of years. The ruby's esoteric properties are still well-known, even if their importance in occult rituals has diminished. When worn, rubies are claimed to protect the person against negative ideas and experiences, as well as physical or psychic attacks. 

They are said to help people think more clearly by allowing the subconscious to collaborate with the conscious mind, according to popular belief. 

Aside from these benefits, rubies are said to help with blood purification, infection prevention, fertility enhancement, and wealth creation.

2. Treating Ailments With Gemstones

Ancient Indian medical texts claim that Ayurveda contains numerous medicinal formulas, including the use of precious stones like diamond, pearl, and sapphire to treat physical and mental ailments. Bhasm is a type of medication that is used to treat pain and wounds using nano gold particles. This helps in recovering from ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and nervous system related diseases.

3. Crystal Balls - Gemstones Used In Fortune Telling

An ‘orbuculum’, the fancy word for crystal ball, is a glass or crystal sphere used for divination and foretelling the future.

If you're looking for a high quality crystal ball, please explore the Bejewel collection for crystal gemstone decorations on Wicked Tender. To glimpse into the past, present, and future, is what it means to look into this natural fortune teller. True healers, psychics, and spiritual seekers use crystal balls as a starting point for their process. They're a favourite amongst rock enthusiasts everywhere.

4. Gemstones Bring Luck And Good Fortune To Those Who Wear Them

Even astrologers enjoy the powers of gemstone curations in their practice.

Every gemstone has a certain zodiac sign, birth number, or month of birth associated with it, making it a lucky stone. Aside from that, they're said to bring the wearer luck, love, and fortune. King and queens of the past would regularly wear crowns and robes adorned with gemstones, reinforcing their divinity in their eyes of their followers.

5. Electricity and Diamonds

Gemstones with electrical properties can be found across the globe. Diamonds are a certain gemstone which creates an electric charge when heated. This tends to attract dust and other light particles. 

Radios, tablets, and other electronic devices use a different type of battery that charges up when put under pressure. Depending on the trace elements in the diamond, the material's electrical characteristics can vary.

Electrical currents have a tough time flowing through most diamonds because they are electrical insulators with high resistance. 

The resistivity of diamonds can range from ten to the eleventh power to ten to the eighteenth power, depending on the specific crystal structure. Due to the firmly bound nature of its atoms, it has an excellent insulation property.

Boron is found in diamonds in trace amounts; however, this is extremely rare. Diamonds are now also a semiconductor due to the inclusion of this additional component. Diodes, transistors, and integrated circuits are just a few of the many objects that may be made with these materials.

Since at least 1991, researchers have been experimenting with diamond transistors.

Diamonds are also considered one of the hardest substances in the world, making it the ideal cutting tool - see more below.

6. Gemstones In Semiconductors and Watches

The watch business makes extensive use of synthetic quartz, ruby, and sapphire. The sapphire crystal of a Rolex for examples, makes this watch scratch-resistant and colourless. Watches, and other mechanical instruments' strong bearings have been made from synthetic ruby. 

A silicon chip powers and regulates a synthetic quartz crystal clock. Silicon metal, a semiconductor that led to the invention of microelectronics, integrated circuits, and the silicon chip, is made from pure quartz sand.

Even a casual wooden watch uses quartz gemstone to tell the time. Check out our quartz watches under $100 for both women and men when you have a chance.

7. Laser Ruby - Gemstone Use in Radio Communication and Light

This red light beam, developed in 1960, emits a bright light with low divergence. It is used in a few different industries. CD players and long-distance telephony, as well as surveying and microsurgery, all use this technology. 

The tiny ruby laser pointer is useful for lecturers of all kinds, including college instructors. Cutting through steel plates and drilling holes in diamonds are possible using high-energy lasers.

8. Gemstone Trees - Feng Shui Decorations For The Home

Gemstone trees are another fascinating application for gemstones that aren't a piece of jewelry. In many parts of the world, gemstone trees are in wide usage as decorative elements. Such beautifully handcrafted gemstone trees are often linked to Feng Shui. 

Trees used in Feng Shui come with a certain sort of gemstone to indicate its intended purpose. For example, a Citrine stone is associated with riches. Furthermore, a Jade stone is associated with good health and abundance, and a rose quartz stone is associated with passion and love.

If you want to gift a gemstone tree to a loved one, you can check out the uniquely beautiful tree of life orgone pyramid on Wicked Tender. 

9. Gemstone Artworks

This type of art uses natural precious and semi-precious stones to produce a work of art. This process begins with a rough stone being sorted, calibrated, and then crushed into coloured powders and used to 'paint' or tint the glass/canvas.

The stones are then secured in place using a biodegradable water-based adhesive. Feng Shui symbols and historical emblems are among the most popular themes for wedding invitations.

In many ways, this 'painting with gems' approach is very similar to Andy Warhol's diamond dust paintings, in which the artist sprinkled diamond dust onto silkscreens.

Gemstones are also regularly used to create gemstone sun catchers and dreamcatchers. Beautiful ornaments that you can hang on your balcony or window sill in order to shimmer in sunlight.

10. Diamond Tools - The World's Strongest Cutting Gemstones

For more than just bragging rights, these stones have found their place at the top of the jewelry industry. 

In the industrial world though, diamond tools are still suite prevalent. Since diamond is the hardest and toughest substance known to man, it can cut through the toughest materials in existence. 

Diamonds coated cutting tools are incorporated into grinders and cutters to provide exceptional results. Large concrete or steel slabs can be sliced in half with diamond-embedded cutters. Lathe machine cutting tools can also be made of diamond.

Gemstones Have Many Different Uses Besides Jewelry! But Jewelry is Our Favourite

Gemstones can be used for more than just admiring their beauty. In addition to being necessary for the jewelry industry, each gem, whether diamond, ruby, pearl, or quartz, has a special importance in different areas of our lives.

But of course we always want you to look and feel your best, whatever part of life you are living. So please enjoy our crystal gemstone collection for all sorts of beautiful gemstone rings, necklaces, bracelets, and gemstone decorations to motivate the feelings and energy you want to keep in your life.

- The Wicked Tender Team

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