Portable LED Makeup Mirror - Wireless Charging Capability
Portable LED Makeup Mirror - Wireless Charging Capability
Portable LED Makeup Mirror - Wireless Charging Capability
Portable LED Makeup Mirror - Wireless Charging Capability
Portable LED Makeup Mirror - Wireless Charging Capability
Portable LED Makeup Mirror - Wireless Charging Capability
Portable LED Makeup Mirror - Wireless Charging Capability
Portable LED Makeup Mirror - Wireless Charging Capability
Portable LED Makeup Mirror - Wireless Charging Capability
Portable LED Makeup Mirror - Wireless Charging Capability

Portable LED Makeup Mirror - Wireless Charging Capability

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Portable LED Makeup Mirror
Compact Circular Design
USB Rechargeable
Finger Swipe Control
Adjustable Brightness
3- Scene Lighting Modes
Wireless Charging Capability

Take your portable LED makeup mirror, wherever you go.

Its compact, circular design makes it easy to throw into any purse or hand bag. Finding proper lighting for your last minute touch up, will no longer be a hassle.

The adjustable light is easy to use and even more fun to show off to your friends.
Simply swipe your finger around the lighted edge
The LED brightness and scene adjustment ability will make your touch up sessions quick and clean. 
This mirror also really knows how to show off at night. Coming in three different lighting scenes, your mirror can give you the appropriate lighting for your upcoming event or night out.
It's compact circular design makes it very easy to carry with you.
Small enough to fit in your back pocket, if you wanted to...
Coming in two vibrant colour options, you'll be able to get one for yourself, and one for your bestie.
A USB charging interface means that charging your mirror is simple. With a longer, reusable lifespan, comes much less hassle.
Wireless induction capabilities  also mean that your little powered up friend will be able to charge cell phones while plugged in, and other devices like bluetooth headphones, that can be charged wirelessly (wireless induction).
Charging up your cell phone, and your friends' devices, will be easier than ever during hangouts.
Wireless Charging Platform
Portable Makeup Mirror
 Sleek and chic, it's perfect for your bag when you are on the go.
With multiple functions, your mirror will be working very hard for you, night and day.
And makes a great gift for the holidays.
Whether it be on the car ride toward your destination...
 Or when you are smack dab in the middle of the party...
Your beautiful reflection will be safe with you always.

Minimize your touch-up hassles, and get your LED mirror today.

Don't miss that final lash!


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